When to Hunt Maine Sea Ducks

Sea duck hunting in Maine, begins in mid November and runs into the winter months. Anytime is a great time to hunt sea ducks. Maine’s coastal waters have amazing number of resident birds. We hunt all three sea ducks, Eiders, Scoters and Old Squaws (Long Tailed Duck is official name now but locally called Old Squaws). All of our ledges and bays provide ample nesting areas for our resident population to nest and rear their young, providing healthy resident populations throughout the duck hunting season.

We hunt huge numbers of resident birds and are not dependent on migrations

From mid November on, fully plumed, trophy Eiders are plentiful. Eiders feed primarily on blue mussels as do Scoters. They also feed on small green crabs and small sea urchins, wrinkles etc.  Mid November through the rest of the season is great for trophy birds. Also in mid November the Old Squaws (Long Tailed Duck) show up in great numbers.

We run hunts through January but the weather can be brutal. Although the hunting is good, the days can be extremely cold, windy and stormy. For this reason, if at all possible we try and wrap up the season as we approach the winter months.

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