Sea Duck Hunting Methods

Layout Boat Hunts

Layout boats are one of the most effective way to hunt sea ducks. Hunting from the Layout Boats is truly in your face action, with many shots being taken at under 15 yards. Often times the ducks have no idea you are there until you pull the trigger. The guide sets the layout boats and then places the hunters in them. The decoys are then set around the hunters. The guide tends the layout hunters from the big boat and like the ledge hunts, two way radios are also used.

Ledge Hunts

Ledge hunting is the traditional way to hunt sea ducks. Arriving at the ledge before daylight, the hunters will leave the boat and set up along the seaweed ledges. Guides in the Big boat will run the decoys out from the ledges and also tend the hunters. With this setup, cripples can be quickly dispatched. Hunters will have a two way radio to stay in contact with the guide and the big boat.

Big Boat Hunts

Big Boat hunting is basically just setting decoys and hunting from the main big boat. This is not our preferred method of hunting. Although effective, we prefer to ledge or layout hunt. Many outfitters use this method but often it results at pass shooting instead of decoying birds. Often times we are forced to hunt from the big boat because of weather conditions.

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