Ledge hunting is the way sea duck hunting has been traditionally done here in Maine for years. To be successful at it you have to do your research. Too many still believe you can set up on any ledge and take eiders. It doesn’t work that way. Some ledges produce and many do not. There are many different factors that make a ledge set successful or not.

An outfitters/guide needs to know their area and the patterns of the birds in the area they hunt. Here at Bold Coast Outfitters, ledge hunting is one of the methods we use to take trophy eiders. If you have never experienced a true ledge hunt for sea ducks then you are missing out. Maine has miles and miles of rugged coastline that makes it prime for ledge hunting. We spend hours and hours on the water not just hunting, but also watching these birds.

Setting on a ledge in the North Atlantic, waiting for the sun to rise and eiders to move, is an experience that will awe and humble you. Give us a call and we will provide you with an experience that will last a lifetime!