IMG_0092_2For the past couple of years I have tried a couple of different commercially made eider decoys.  Unfortunately they have been lacking in several different area.  Some are just too small while other virtually fall apart during the season.

A good friend of mine, Ernie Spaulding, from Rising Sun Outfitters has built his own decoys for year.  We use these decoys on our guided hunts and they are deadly as they come.  They may not be the prettiest but they are 100 percent killing decoys.  They are based on old school decoy blocks and built out of foam, burlap and mastic.  They hold up and put dead birds in the boat!

This spring we will start the process of building a new rig of Old School Ernie style decoys!  The old adage of “if you want something done right” has never rang more true when it comes to true gunning eider decoys!